Université libre de Bruxelles: Specialized Master in Public Health Methodology

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Université libre de Bruxelles: Specialized Master in Public Health Methodology


This programme is intended for public health professionals and health managers, who work at different levels of the health system. The main goal is to provide a large degree of autonomy in the use of public health methods to achieve the overall objective: «ensure methodological approaches and public health decision-makings, consistent with the needs of people, communities and individuals.» This specialized master thus highlights the methodologies for analysing and investigating major health issues, especially in developing countries, within a global health approach.       

Conditions of admission

> Master degree (5 years of university education, equivalent to 300 credits)

> Open to medical doctors, nurses and other paramedical, social sciences professionals involved in public health, public health researchers, decision makers and executives…

Training content

This 60 credits programme, which covers different methodological aspects, is composed of a compulsory part (50 credits) and an optional part (10 to 20 credits among the 20 credits proposed).


Tel +32 2 555 40 13

e-mail mphm.esp@ulb.ac.be

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